Solids Deve­lo­p­ment Con­sult GmbH

The Solids Deve­lo­p­ment Con­sult GmbH has been foun­ded as a spin-off of the Phar­maceu­ti­cal Tech­no­lo­gy Depart­ment of the Uni­ver­si­ty of Bonn. After nume­rous suc­cess­ful pro­jects with Phar­maceu­ti­cal Indus­try, we now offer our ser­vices from own laboratories.

Our main com­pe­tence covers the inter­face bet­ween Phar­ma and Tech­no­lo­gy, i.e. the know­ledge about inter­ac­tions bet­ween for­mu­la­ti­ons on the one hand and manu­fac­tu­ring equip­ment and pro­ces­ses on the other hand.

We do con­cen­tra­te on the field of Solid Dosa­ge Forms, espe­cial­ly regar­ding their deve­lo­p­ment, opti­mi­sa­ti­on and ana­ly­sis, inclu­ding cor­re­spon­ding tech­no­lo­gies and mea­su­re­ment techniques.

Solids Deve­lo­p­ment Con­sult con­sists of a team of expe­ri­en­ced peop­le, working sin­ce many years in the field of table­ting, wet and dry gra­nu­la­ti­on, instru­men­ta­ti­on, pro­cess visua­li­sa­ti­on and eva­lua­ti­on, inclu­ding sca­le up/down issues.

Instru­men­ta­ti­on & Engineering

Con­sul­ting & Coaching

For­mu­la­ti­on Development

Fea­si­bi­li­ty Studies

Pro­duct Transfer

OEB‑5 Labo­ra­to­ry

Trai­nings & Seminars

Dr. Robert Lammens

Foun­der and Advi­so­ry Board

Dr. Lam­mens has more than 40 years expe­ri­ence in the field of solid dosa­ge forms. After his PhD in Pharm. Tech­no­lo­gy at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Lei­den, he was employ­ed at BAY­ER for 24 years, focus­sing on mea­su­re­ments, instru­men­ta­ti­on and pro­cess engi­nee­ring. 2001 to 2014 he was lec­tu­rer at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Bonn, bes­i­de working as free­lan­cer. In 2014 he foun­ded SDC tog­e­ther with Dr. Fretter.

Dr. Bar­ba­ra Fretter

Mana­ging Partner

After her gra­dua­ti­on in Phar­maceu­tics and her PhD in Pharm. Tech­no­lo­gy at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Bonn, Ms. Fret­ter worked as Post-Doc focus­sing on instru­men­ta­ti­on of tablet pres­ses and defor­ma­ti­on beha­viour of pow­ders. In this time she was also respon­si­ble for indus­tri­al con­tract rese­arch pro­jects in the field of solid dosa­ge forms. In 2014 she foun­ded SDC tog­e­ther with Dr. Lammens.

Maar­ten Lammens

Mana­ging Partner

Mr. Lam­mens is a new­co­mer in Pharm. Tech­no­lo­gy and sup­ports the team sin­ce the begin­ning of 2016. Due to his gra­dua­ti­on in busi­ness infor­ma­tics and work expe­ri­ence at a huge con­sul­ting com­pa­ny, he has a wide know­ledge focu­sed on pro­ject manage­ment and IT management.

Dr. Ben­ja­min Frindt

PAT & Pro­cess Engineering

Super­vi­si­on and exe­cu­ti­on of instru­men­ta­ti­on and data acqui­si­ti­on pro­jects, Pro­to­typ­ing of soft­ware tools.

Thors­ten Gabriel

Team lead labo­ra­to­ry staff

Respon­si­ble for the labo­ra­to­ry, Exe­cu­ti­on of experiments

Jana Kri­wat

Exe­cu­ti­ve assistant

Sup­port of orga­niz­a­tio­nal topics, accountancy.

Chris­ti­na Reischl

Team Assis­tent & lab support